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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

How To Create Flirty Eyes

The trick to flirty eyes is to not over-do.

The target here is to make your eyes look flirty and of course you don’t want people or your friends notice it. So now I’m goner simply make what you have... but, look a whole lot better. Only you will know what have you did to your eyes and what steps it took to create an incredibly flirty eyes.

The Step’s To Flirty Eyes

1. Prepare your eyelids with a base to help hold the shadow in place.
2. Apply a layer of flesh colored shadow across lid. Depending on your coloring, the color could almost appear as anything, but it will blend into the lids quite easily.
3. If your skin has more pink tones, use a soft pink shadow instead. What you don't want to do is for the shadow to be noticeable. You’re simply making the lids a uniform color.
4. Sweep a line of icy blue cream liner across the base of the lashes.
5. Apply any brand of mascara that will thicken and lengthen the lashes. Check below the eyes for any splashes of mascara.

If necessary, use a cotton bud that has been dipped into makeup remover to take care of the area.


* If you have very sensitive skin, you should be very cautious about waxing any part of your face.

The more you practice the better you will become. And remember, you can have flirty eyes if you want to. It’s easy to make your eyes look’s flirty. And I hope this tip’s about flirty eyes goner help you to get eyes style that you wanted.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

5 Minute's Make Up

For the busy women that always on the run, here's a tip to apply make up in 5 minutes or less, to get you started:

Make up in 5 minute’s.

If you only have five minutes before rushing out of your door. Here are the make up steps you can follow for a fast but polished face.

Here's The Way:

· Dot on moisturizer.
· Apply foundation and blend.
· Apply blush and blend.
· Apply your favorite eye shadow.
· Apply eyeliner according to eye shape.
· Apply mascara to lashes.
· Using a fat brown pencil, apply color to brow bone and blend.
· If your brows need color, apply it now with small strokes of a pencil.
· Color your lips.
· Powder your nose and t-zone with loose powder.
· Check your blush and add a tiny bit more if necessary.


Remember to set out everything before you begin your make up application.
Your five minute make up is perfect to take along on holidays. It's fast and easy and won't take up a lot of room.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Exercise Tip’s

Exercise Smarter Not Harder

When you’re doing resistance training or exercise, you may want to do it slowly. Do not rush when you’re doing lifting, the less momentum you use, the more muscle you’ll need to maintain the movement. You gain major result when you’re exercise slowly and steady.

No matter which part of your body you’re exercise, focus on core stability. Maintain a strong stance with your abs contracted. This allows you to do more work with the body part you’re exercising and get toned and the shape you want sooner.

Moves You Should Try


Boxers favorite, the highest intensity cardio workouts you can do as its use major muscle of your body. The constant motions when swinging the rope instantly shapes you’re arm and shoulders.


While working through the muscles of your arms, back, chest and shoulders, both freestyle and breaststroke burn more kilojoules.

Rope Pull

Get five meters of rope, fill a pillowcase with something heavy, and then tie to one end of the rope. Stretch out the rope, and then drag the heavy load toward you. It’s should shape your shoulder muscle, arms and back.

There are some great cardio exercises that incorporate upper body work. Most people always think that cardio exercise only focused on lower body, such as cycling and running. It’s also should always incorporate with your upper body. When it comes to exercise, remember to always exercise smarter, not harder.